about Us

about Us

Since being established 20 years ago, Qualitation’s philosophy has always been about implementing a true quality system which provides various advantages to an organisation. There are always significant benefits in having your company’s processes, policies and procedures legally certified. By having more of an understanding of the schemes and certifications you can understand how certifications of quality management, environmental management, health and safety management can uplift the level of services.

The success of this has enabled our organisation to achieve the range of standards offered. Certification includes not only ISO 9001 but also 14001 an environmental standard, ISO 18001 a health and safety standard as well as CE Marking all striving to meet industry standards. Our philosophy for all our clients remains the same, “keep it simple and build on what you’ve got”.

Our Guarantee

For almost 20 years, every single one of our clients has achieved ISO certification or accreditation with our first assessment.

This is why we can boldly guarantee you’ll achieve the ISO standards you’ve hired Qualitation for. We will provide you with the service you truly deserve, no matter what it takes.

Our Qualitators

All of our Qualitators are chosen for their expertise and shared views of how a quality system can transform a business. Our team members are assessed by their skills, experience, training, personality, and working procedures.

Once they take up the responsibilities for their clients, they become the single point of contact for everything.